Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oh yeah? What’d you ever do?

Picking up on a comment in response to my last post about crossing things off the to-do list (mine, usually written out on index cards), I thought that it was a great idea from my friend Roy to make a list of things that I've done.

So I created a “Done That” list. And I did do all of these things. I even have the t-shirt for some of them.

Since I’m not Mighty Girl, (Again, this is envy. Not jealousy. They're different. I swear.) I’ve never seen them written down in one place, so here they are, just in case I need reminding.

I have:
1. Sewn my own clothes.
2. Gone scuba diving.
3. Trekked in the Himalayas
4. Camped in the Amazon rainforest.
5. Run a 10K.
6. Stayed up all night to see the sunrise on a beach.
7. Installed a toilet. (Yes. I did.)
8. Seen a bear in the wild. Several, actually. Up close.
9. Seen a moose in the wild. Up close.
10. Sat in the cockpit of a plane landing in New York City.
11. Made strawberry jam.
12. Met Mother Theresa.
13. Learned a third language. (Enough to sound like a five-year old, anyway.)
14. Lived in a developing country.
15. Grown vegetables.
16. Been called for jury duty. (Twice.)
17. Met the Pope.
18. Jumped in a lake in Ontario in November. When it was snowing.
19. Ate grasshoppers. (Okay, I ate one.) Ate one grasshopper. It was fried. And crunchy.

What did you do?

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  1. Chris: I'm very impressed with most of the things that you've done. You are really quite amazing! And, you inspired me to post a list of some of the things I've done on my blog. There's a link to my blog somewhere on my FB page if you want to check out my list. Roy