Sunday, December 27, 2009

Chrisss-mussssss is just around the corner

I didn't mention which corner, okay? When I started drafting this in my head, it was pre-Christmas. But I didn't get all my Christmas cards mailed before Christmas, so don't think that you're slighted. I've now turned the corner and left Christmas behind me... apart from the intention to keep Christmas in my heart every day. That's what we're supposed to do, right?

A few days before Christmas, one of my friends asked me if I wanted to go see Barry Manilow. Do I!? Actually, I didn't. Then I got to thinking about how I have never seen some other legends and that it might be a fun thing to do. And whether you like him or not: Barry. Is. A. Legend. So I thought twice about saying no. Then, I looked up some of his songs. Mandy! I Write the Songs! Copacabana! Can't Smile Without You! Okay! I'm in.

I brought a friend with me and off we trekked on a slippery night to a northern suburb of Chicago to see Barry. But first, we had dinner during which I discovered that Barry was giving a "Holiday Show" and that he wouldn't be singing the hits. That didn't sound good. That didn't sound good at all.

But on we forged. I have never seen so many Christmas sweaters. And socks. Christmas motifs, it seems, aren't just for sweaters anymore.

After the opening act of a Vegas-style "mentalist", who humiliated one nervous woman for sport (not. nice.) Barry came out. With a full orchestra - including a harp. And four back-up singers in red satin dresses. And a Christmas medley of Home for the Holidays and Winter Wonderland and some other Christmas tunes. Barry did play Mandy. But Jingle Bells Rock was a high price to pay for it. He also sang what he called a "new holiday classic" (huh?), called "Christmas Is Just Around the Corner". Twice. He sang that twice. That was also a high price to pay.

Now, about Barry. He just doesn't look healthy. He can still belt them out, but he doesn't look like he's had a meal since the turn of the century. He really needs a snack. And as a result, all that hair just looks dangerous. Like, if it got wet, his bones might break. It was a concern.

But I heard Copacabana sung live, surrounded by a lot of Manilooneys in Christmas sweaters. So I figure I just gotta milk a cow, now, and I'm good. And I don't really have to do that again, now, do I?

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